Community Involvement

Since 1917 community involvement has been one of the core values shared by everyone at Olson Plumbing & Heating Co. Our commitment to embracing our responsibility to the community is a big part of what defines our success as a team.

Our commitment to our friends and neighbors here in the Colorado Springs area grew out of the fact that we have been owned and operated by the same local family for many years. Five generations of the Trapp family have passed down the spirit of community that is still strong today.

Over the decades, we have grown into one of the largest mechanical, plumbing, and heating contracting companies in this area. We have been proud to see the community grow around us, and to play a role in that growth. Our work has helped shape buildings and homes in the towns in which we live and work.

Community involvement is important to everyone here at Olson Plumbing & Heating Co. We recognize that you cannot measure success simply by measuring profits on a balance sheet. Our company as a whole, and many of the individuals within it, are proud to offer their time, commitment, and support to some of the most deserving causes in the Colorado Springs area, including Pueblo and Denver.